My Delicious – Windows Phone 7 manager for your Delicious bookmarks

My first ever Windows Phone 7 application made it to the MarketPlace!

My Delicious is a Windows Phone 7 manager for your Deliciousbookmarks. It provides the ability to:

  • view your recent bookmarks
  • browse and filter your tags
  • filter bookmarks by tag
  • add a new bookmark
  • edit an existing bookmark
  • delete a bookmark
  • share a bookmark by email or any other account linked on your phone

The MarketPlace link for the app is or you can use the QR code below to get to the application on your mobile phone.My_Delicious_MarketPlace

For now I’ve set up a homepage for the application on my blog and it can be accessed from the main menu (top of the page) – My Delicious link – the page also contains screenshots of the application.

If you own a Windows Phone 7 device and use Delicious to save your bookmarks, go ahead and install the application.

Feedback, suggestions and comments are welcomed!